At Prestige Immigration Services we help expatriates with acquiring their Business Visas, Critical Skills Work Visas, Intra-company Transfer Visa, Visas for accompanying family members and Permanent Residence Permits.

We are experts at identifying the correct visa or permit to apply for based on a candidate’s credentials and providing guidance on the entire visa/permit application process, thereby taking away that additional stress from your move to South Africa.

The Business Visa allows an expat to invest in South Africa either in a new or existing business.
At Prestige Immigration we specialise in helping expatriate business owners qualify for a Business Visa in South Africa. We have worked with hundreds of business owners and have a deep insight into what the South African Government wants from inward investment into the country and the basis upon which they will or will not award a business visa. This has enabled us to assist foreign business owners to run their business legally and successfully in South Africa, with total peace of mind.

The Critical Skills Visa replaced the previous “quota” and “exceptional skills” work permits. We have had vast experience with assisting our clients with both the quota and exceptional skills work permits as well as the Critical Skills Visas.

Guidance on skills transfer plans has been a core need of our clients and to ensure the best results, we have taken our corporate clients through this process seamlessly.

For expats migrating to SA with their families, we assist with the relevant visas for their dependents such as Study Visas, Visitor’s Visas to accompany spouse/parents.

The Financially Independent Permit is aimed at high net worth individuals and is appropriate for applicants with a high net worth seeking permanent residency in South Africa.

We have an exceptional success rate assisting clients with their permanent residence permit applications due to clear and concise guidance on the entire process and leveraging on our long-standing relationships with various stakeholders.


Our firm is led by a South African admitted attorney, Christine Mutsau (nee’ Matsvai). Christine studied for her law degree (LLB) in South Africa and later went to obtain her master’s in International law, specializing in migration law. She became passionate about South African Immigration Law whilst serving her articles of clerkship and has pursued this line of work ever since. She boasts more than 15 years of experience in South African Immigration law with resounding testimonials from clients she has assisted over the years.


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